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If you're looking for an added element of fun for your event, whether it be a private party, staff function, or casual get-together, look no further than Justin Shaw.

Flexible to provide clean or adult genres of comedy, Justin offers a customizable and interactive approach to delivering a fun and engaging evening of entertainment.  

Performance styles include:

- event hosting 

- stand-up comedy

- storytelling

- slideshow multimedia presentations

All can be performed live or online!

Justin Shaw is great entertainment for:

- corporate events

- fundraisers

- private parties

- club, theatre, or bar settings

- online events

Can work clean and customize material for your event!



“For Finning’s 2019 Annual United Way fundraiser, Justin was our entertainment for the evening, and he didn’t disappoint. His style was a combination of current event humor and personal storytelling that the audience enjoyed with a bit of “down home” humor we could all relate to. We would love to have him at another event soon.”

Arts Council Wood Buffalo hired Justin Shaw to script, act, and co-manage the delivery of our Excellence in Arts Awards in 2018. Justin stayed in character for over six hours - his focus and professionalism as an actor and comedian inspired us all!

“Justin was our host for the Monologue Slam this year, and he truly carried our show. It was our first year going virtual as a result of the pandemic, and during some tech glitches, Justin was able to adapt to the situation and entertained with stories that catered to our event and audience. He was professional and always ensured that his content was fun and promoting a safe space for our Monologue Slam actors to take risks. Our event would not have been a success without him. He was truly a pleasure to work with and I can’t recommend him enough.”

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