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- Parton & Pearl

     - Mark Critch Interview (Son of a Critch)

     - Best in Miniature Interview

     - SONAR Podcast Network 

- RED: The Island Storybook

- Martime EDIT

Justin Shaw is a writer and entertainer originally from Prince Edward Island, Canada. Shaw melds his theatre background and love of storytelling into an unforgettable comedy experience that is equal parts foolish yet intelligent, outrageous yet relatable, and eccentric yet genuine. Much of his material centers around stories about his parents, leaving home, and finding his way in the world. Featured at Edmonton’s Nextfest Arts & Culture Festival and various clubs and theatres around Canada, Shaw delivers a rich and ridiculous comedy experience. 


As a theatre artist, Shaw is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada (Acting 2017). He has received support from their Theatre Engaging Communities (TEC) initiative, allowing him to self-produce a number of productions, including Salt-Water Moon (The Guild Summer Festival, 2019) and his debut solo show The Wrestling Play (Island Fringe Festival, Patron’s Pick Distinction, 2017). Recent credits include: The Wrestling Play (Nextfest Arts & Culture Festival 2019, YMM Midnight Madness 2019, St. Peter’s Courthouse, 2019) Salt-Water Moon (The Guild Summer Festival, 2019) and Culture Shock (Harmony House Theatre, 2019). 


Outside writing his stand up and theatre projects, Shaw is also a busy freelance writer. His work has been published in Maritime EDIT, YMM Parent, and Parton and Pearl. He also keeps an active public journal called Island Boy where he shares musings and reflections about growing up on Prince Edward Island. 


Shaw also produces a podcast called Half A Star, where he and his best friend Benton Hartley interview guests to share their Half A Star stories – great stories born out of bad ideas. This program is available on Anchor FM, with all 22 episodes from Season One currently available.


Awards & Distinctions

Theatre Artist of the Year 2018 (Wood Buffalo Excellence In Arts Awards, Arts Council Wood Buffalo)

Top 50 Under 50 2018 (Your McMurray Magazine)

Artrepeneur – Arts Business of the Year (Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce) 

Patron’s Pick 2017 – The Wrestling Play (Island Fringe Festival) 


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