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hitchhiker theatre

Hitchhiker Theatre is Justin Shaw's independent theatre company that builds theatre experiences inspired by bard storytelling traditions. 



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midnight baby

Have you ever wished you were anyone else but you? In Justin Shaw’s comedy Midnight Baby, this one person show inspired by true events explores what it means to be enough for another person. Using personal stories from childhood and adolescence that are equal parts hilarious, awkward, and emotionally devastating, this play questions whether it is better to be someone who is completely spontaneous or fully planned while tiptoeing through feelings of unconscious self-loathing. 


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wrestling play

Charles is a discontent English teacher whose wanderlust is only matched by his deep-seated love for professional wrestling. After a life-altering decision to chase his dream of becoming a pro-wrestler, Charles finally steps out of his comfort zone, and into the great unknown.

This piece began development in 2015 with the Playwrights Workshop Montreal young creators unit. It was then featured in the 2017 Island Fringe Festival where it earned the Patron's Pick distinction. It was later featured in the 2017 Alberta Culture Days at the Suncor Energy Centre for the Performing Arts. In 2019, it was featured in Edmonton's Nextfest Arts Festival (Progress Showing), then in Fort McMurray's Midnight Madness as part of the YMM Food Festival. Most recently, it was presented in St. Peter's Courthouse Theatre on Prince Edward Island.

full review
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"Smart, tight, interesting, funny, dramatic, unpredictable script and a bravura performance. You should really see this wonderful piece of theatre." - Rob MacDonald, Annekenstein's Monster

"Terrific show... highly recommend it." - Dave Stewart, And Yet I Blame Hollywood

"I gladly joined in Shaw's richly deserved standing ovation." - Sean McQuaid, The Buzz

Spare Change 1.jpg

spare change

Justin Shaw takes his audience on a mad-cap journey on what it means to let go admit that they have no idea what they are doing, while challenging what it really means to listen and be present with someone in need.


This performance was part of a Spare Change: An Evening of Comedy held on April 4, 2018 at the Keyano Recital Theatre. This event was a fundraiser presented by Some Other Solutions, a mental health and crisis prevention non-profit located in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Funding for this event was made possible by Suncor. 

Spare Change II.jpg

Full recording of the performance is available here: 

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