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Justin Shaw

marketing portfolio

Justin Shaw has 4 years professional experience in graphic design, social media, and copywriting for businesses, non-profits, and personal freelance entrepreneurs across Canada.

Social media Experience

Hub of the hammer event planning

 (Hamilton, Ontario; August 2020 - present; part-time)


Hub of the Hammer Event Planning is an events organization based in Hamilton, Ontario that works with small businesses in helping to raise funds and awareness for the business through fun and engaging events.. These events are festive in nature, and include trivia nights and comedy events. The organization also targets larger businesses for private corporate events. 


Responsibilities include: 

  • Designing marketing materials that optimizes the organization’s brand.

  • Create social media graphics that are visually engaging and reflect the voice of the organization’s voice.

  • Draft concise and clear copy for social media that speaks the organization’s audience and target consumer. 

  • Write blog entries that boost the website’s SEO while displaying compelling community investment.

  • Manages subaccounts, including @lagershedtrivia, @hubofevents_gta, @hubofevents_ottawa

Hub Circle.png


Content includes:

- Call to action for family friendly & adult events 

- Stewardship of clients and community partners

- weekly reels highlighting community involvement

jokes on Hamilton

 (Hamilton, Ontario; January 2022 - present; part-time)


Jokes on Hamilton is a comedy events company based in Hamilton, Ontario, committed to working with various members of the hospitality industry to bring high-quality comedy events to their venue. The company also hosts a weekly radio program on CFMU 93.3fm. 

Responsibilities include: 

  • Communicating with venue contact to ensure tasks are completed and following the agreed upon timeline.

  • Booking appropriate talent for each event.

  • Build social media content that highlights the venue, the talent, and the event.

  • Design and print event promotional materials.

  • Engage with the local media (CHCH, Urbanicity) for promotion.

  • Draft budget that balances marketing and compensation fees.

  • Engage with local sponsors and provide stewardship for their support. 

JOH Circle (1).png


Content includes:

- Call to action for comedy events

- Stewardship of clients and community partners

- Highlighting comedy talent via video reels

- Spotlighting local success stories of Hamilton comedians 

Design portfolio




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