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The 70 mile yard sale

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"The stories were perfection. The jokes landed perfectly. The crowd work was great. The land acknowledgement was seamless... ​Sometimes, lightning strikes in a bottle and it's magic. Tonight was one of those nights... Looking forward to whatever Justin brings next." - BeyondJames

"Ultimately, the stories hold together for many laughs and thrills by way of Shaw’s uncanny ability to tie together different parts of his story through well placed details and by turning a yard sale into a quest of epic proportions took a look at the audience a few times during the show, and they were totally enthralled with Shaw’s story.  His delivery is spot on, and he truly knows how to work the room." - Viemag

"Justin’s ability to create vivid imagery and hold the audience’s attention is remarkable and the transition from simply performing a typical stand-up bit to mesmerizing the room with authentic storytelling reminiscent of Stuart McLean is seamless... (his) performance is like watching an exquisitely detailed and wonderfully quaint painting of the east coast come alive in front of you. It’s simple, yet it’s complex. It’s hilarious, yet it’s heartbreaking . It’s fictionalized, yet it’s true." - The Writer & The Wit

"Justin Shaw brings a friendly, energetic style of storytelling to his performance. He never misses a beat, and yet never seems to go too quickly either. He delivers wit and humour without ever coming across as mean-spirited, and has the audience laughing every time. Watching him perform feels like sitting down with a long-time friend, swapping stories over lunch or dinner." - Arthur Bullock

Inspired by Prince Edward Island’s 70 Mile Coastal Yard Sale, Shaw will be presenting progress showings in Summer 2022. In a story about a madcap journey across the Island to retrieve a lost family heirloom, Shaw shares a story that is equal parts funny and heartfelt about finding more than what you bargained for.

Production history:

- 2022 Hamilton Fringe Festival (Critic's Pick)

- 2022 Guild Summer Festival

This production was developed with support from the National Theatre School of Canada's Theatre Engaging Communities Grant.

The making of "The 70 Mile Yard Sale" was also the subject of a six-part lifestyle documentary currently streaming on Fibe TV1. The full show was recorded, and is available for proof of concept only. 

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