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REVIEW: Liam Corcoran, Giving Tree and Other Songs

Borrowing its name from the Shel Silverstein classic, Liam Corcoran’s latest album Giving Tree and Other Songs offers a compilation of tracks that share a deep weighted sincerity reminiscent of someone flipping the pages of a photo album. A mature acoustic sound prevails, with occasional departures to an indie pop/rock sound, evocative of his early 2000’s career.

The album begins with the titular track ‘Giving Tree’ which introduces the listener to the reoccurring warm folk motif of the collection. The warmth evolves into charm in “Always Making Hits” as Corcoran uses a folk lens to reflect upon making a career in pop music. Reflection serves as a unifying theme between ‘Five Disasters Ago,’ ‘Comes and Goes’ and ‘Full of Surprises’ as Corcoran’s soft timber carries the listener through heavier memories that serve as the emotional crux of the album.

The second side of the album clearly reflects the “Other Songs” part of the title. There is a notable departure from the easy-natured acoustic sound with the aptly named “Flip the Tables,” with upbeat indie-pop energy continuing into “I’m A Wreck” and “Like Bobby Mac.” The closing track “Change a Little Part of the World” ties the album together as a blend of Corcoran’s trademark indie charm and familiar folk roots.

Fans of Corcoran’s work from Two Hours Traffic will be satisfied with indie rock sounds on the B-side; however, the true richness of the album is Corcoran’s heavy sincerity within the acoustic sound of the A-side. To quote Corcoran himself: “I am full of surprises when I drop my disguises.”

Liam Corcoran’s Giving Tree and Other Songs is available now:

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